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Vertical blinds
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Home vertical blinds

Dangerous Beach Dangerous Beach

Dangerous Beach
35.99 EUR/ m2

Motocross Motocross

35.99 EUR/ m2

Ferris Wheel Lights Ferris Wheel Lights

Ferris Wheel Lights
35.99 EUR/ m2

Green microchip Green microchip

Green microchip
35.99 EUR/ m2

Little leafs Little leafs

Little leafs
35.99 EUR/ m2

Questions about this manoeuvre?, anyone? Questions about this manoeuvre?, anyone?

Questions about this manoeuvre?, anyone?
35.99 EUR/ m2

Shells Shells

35.99 EUR/ m2

Sleepy beauty Sleepy beauty

Sleepy beauty
35.99 EUR/ m2

Window Cat Window Cat

Window Cat
35.99 EUR/ m2

Green night plants Green night plants

Green night plants
35.99 EUR/ m2

Retro shells Retro shells

Retro shells
35.99 EUR/ m2

Burning Mountain Burning Mountain

Burning Mountain
35.99 EUR/ m2

Flying butterflies Flying butterflies

Flying butterflies
35.99 EUR/ m2

Sleepy Sleepy Kitty Sleepy Sleepy Kitty

Sleepy Sleepy Kitty
35.99 EUR/ m2

Tilted Autumn Forest Tilted Autumn Forest

Tilted Autumn Forest
35.99 EUR/ m2

Violet night plants Violet night plants

Violet night plants
35.99 EUR/ m2

Colourful Flower Field Colourful Flower Field

Colourful Flower Field
35.99 EUR/ m2

Ocean Drive Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive
35.99 EUR/ m2

Lemon fence Lemon fence

Lemon fence
35.99 EUR/ m2

Blue mountains Blue mountains

Blue mountains
35.99 EUR/ m2

Badminton B&W Badminton B&W

Badminton B&W
35.99 EUR/ m2

Freezing Berries Freezing Berries

Freezing Berries
35.99 EUR/ m2

Winter mandala Winter mandala

Winter mandala
35.99 EUR/ m2

Country folk II Country folk II

Country folk II
35.99 EUR/ m2

Break The Ice Break The Ice

Break The Ice
35.99 EUR/ m2

Red Chairs Hotel Red Chairs Hotel

Red Chairs Hotel
35.99 EUR/ m2

Sleeping storks Sleeping storks

Sleeping storks
35.99 EUR/ m2

Summer mandala Summer mandala

Summer mandala
35.99 EUR/ m2

Blue rubies Blue rubies

Blue rubies
35.99 EUR/ m2

Pastel lines Pastel lines

Pastel lines
35.99 EUR/ m2

Growing lines Growing lines

Growing lines
35.99 EUR/ m2

Home vertical blinds

Arguably there is no other place where comfort is more desirable than home. It is the place where you want to relax after a hard day of work or chill just by reading a magazine or watching TV. You don’t want eyes looking at what you are doing, privacy and comfort are needed. Add to the basic comforts of civilization by following the latest trends and implementing custom treatments for windows. Let’s say you run into a situation, the windows in your home are covered by huge and very outdated curtains. Everyone in the house gets dust allergies and feels depressed by the routine and monotony. So what do you do? You get small or large home vertical blinds.


Why is this so important? Because unlike the regular curtains – home vertical blinds for windows do not accumulate dust, don’t require a lot of maintenance and are easier to adapt to the interior. The prices of these curtains you find online are sometimes outrageous, so a much wiser option is to buy designer home vertical blinds for a lot better pricing. You can easily find grey decorations for bay windows and differently coloured blinds with the simplest installation process in the market. Very easy to put up and cheap to maintain, home vertical blinds are the choice for a thinking person in the modern world. Besides the possibility to have custom decorations and ideas lived out on the canvas of windows, there are literally hundreds of designs available for purchase.


Today’s tendencies show that curtains are receiving less and less appreciation from people, because of the possible allergies and harder maintenance after buying them. On the contrary, home vertical blinds for windows are rising in popularity because looking after them is easy and they are better for people with allergies. You have ideas? Great, because our service reacts positively to the design variations and choices made by customers. As a company, we are always trying to move forward and stay ahead with our range of products and services, so size, colour and a variety of other factors are fully customizable at your wish.

Imagine a home with hundreds of ideas, filled with personality, live colours and custom designs. Isn’t it a good feeling to be in such a place with passion, spirit and emotion running and living in every corner of the home? The only grey tone you should embrace – is the one covering patio doors or made for bay windows, life cannot be grey and dull. It’s short and fragile so make it worth your while by expressing emotions and feelings to make home, feel truly like home. A small change like adding vertical blinds in your home can go a long way in improving many aspects for the betterment and improvement in living conditions.


Decoshaker recommends opting for vertical blinds in your home as soon as possible. You save time in the future by doing this decision now. Do not waste time by looking for interior decorators who claim that they can do the job for you. It is your home and you, as the owner should embrace and not take for granted the possibility to make your own interior and truly let it shine! For curtain owners we have just one saying – get up to date! Most homeowners forget that you need to dust curtains regularly and have no clue on how many dirt and dust they accumulate. That will never happen with home vertical blinds. We guarantee!

Choose different, choose home vertical blinds from Decoshaker!

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