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Vertical blinds
  • High quality
  • Outstanding service
  • Our production
  • World wide delivery
  • Unique design
  • All kits included

Vertical blinds categories

Home vertical blinds Home vertical blinds
Price: 129.99 EUR/ m2
Black and White vertical blinds Black and White vertical blinds
Price: 129.99 EUR/ m2
Coloured vertical blinds Coloured vertical blinds
Price: 129.99 EUR/ m2
Kitchen vertical blinds Kitchen vertical blinds
Price: 129.99 EUR/ m2
Living room vertical blinds Living room vertical blinds
Price: 129.99 EUR/ m2
Kids vertical blinds Kids vertical blinds
Price: 129.99 EUR/ m2
Floral vertical blinds Floral vertical blinds
Price: 129.99 EUR/ m2
Patterned vertical blinds Patterned vertical blinds
Price: 129.99 EUR/ m2

Vertical blinds to buy

Retro Mopeds Retro Mopeds

Retro Mopeds
129.99 EUR/m2

Thread III Thread III

Thread III
129.99 EUR/m2

Violet manor carpet Violet manor carpet

Violet manor carpet
129.99 EUR/m2

Wild forest III Wild forest III

Wild forest III
129.99 EUR/m2

Chalk & Food Pattern Chalk & Food Pattern

Chalk & Food Pattern
129.99 EUR/m2

Soft DYE on the glass Soft DYE on the glass

Soft DYE on the glass
129.99 EUR/m2

Day out III Day out III

Day out III
129.99 EUR/m2

Yellow Mandala symbol Yellow Mandala symbol

Yellow Mandala symbol
129.99 EUR/m2

Birds in the garden Birds in the garden

Birds in the garden
129.99 EUR/m2

Otomi folk III Otomi folk III

Otomi folk III
129.99 EUR/m2

Purple flowers Purple flowers

Purple flowers
129.99 EUR/m2

Emerald flowers Emerald flowers

Emerald flowers
129.99 EUR/m2

Red squares Red squares

Red squares
129.99 EUR/m2

House Of Miracles House Of Miracles

House Of Miracles
129.99 EUR/m2

Kitchen Kitchen

129.99 EUR/m2

Purple triangles Purple triangles

Purple triangles
129.99 EUR/m2

Sin-02 Sin-02

129.99 EUR/m2

Pluses Pluses

129.99 EUR/m2

Pinky Pig Pinky Pig

Pinky Pig
129.99 EUR/m2

The Attack of the Penguins The Attack of the Penguins

The Attack of the Penguins
129.99 EUR/m2

Baby ducks pattern Baby ducks pattern

Baby ducks pattern
129.99 EUR/m2

Purple meadow Purple meadow

Purple meadow
129.99 EUR/m2

Abstract maze Abstract maze

Abstract maze
129.99 EUR/m2

Black polka dot Black polka dot

Black polka dot
129.99 EUR/m2

Yellow stripes weaving Yellow stripes weaving

Yellow stripes weaving
129.99 EUR/m2

Small elephants Small elephants

Small elephants
129.99 EUR/m2

Summer honey Summer honey

Summer honey
129.99 EUR/m2

My Street My Street

My Street
129.99 EUR/m2

Spring honey Spring honey

Spring honey
129.99 EUR/m2

Polar bear Polar bear

Polar bear
129.99 EUR/m2

In space In space

In space
129.99 EUR/m2


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Vertical blinds

Imagine that you have a unique photography which you want to commemorate somewhere in your home, but you don’t exactly know where. Luckily, we have the perfect offer for you and it is all available online. Turn your images into vertical blinds. A welcome addition to any household, no matter the cultural background, no matter a wide variety of other factors, you will definitely find something practical and pretty here.


How do I do that? Where to buy individual vertical blinds for windows? These questions might instantly pop into your head. Lucky for you, Decoshaker is here to solve each and every one of your problems related to blinds with photo print. Take into consideration some of the designs you find here and spice up the current look of your home which might be getting boring over time. Get the ideas in your head and see them become a reality with Decoshaker, because here, dreams become reality.


Firstly, not many companies and stores can offer the innovative service of transferring images onto blinds. Even fewer can do it for the right price and with great quality. And only Decoshaker can do all that and turn your stylish or unusual photo image into a modern and very pretty window decoration. It is really simple and all customization tools are available online on our website. Besides the extensive amount of customization available to do, you can browse the large amounts of HD and very detailed window coverings for homes and offices. Looking for a specific colour, pattern, texture, theme? You name it – we got it!


By the way, to choose from the already available modern or contemporary designs and make the dream of having something special in your home. An individual set of custom vertical blinds can not only blackout the morning sun, but also become a very nice motive and touch to your interior and styling of it. There are hundreds of unique designs available for you to look at and buy. They all come at a great price and you will not find such great quality, quantity and cost anywhere else on the internet. Want to install window treatments in your office or are just looking for decorations for your home – we have your demands covered from A to Z.


Installing modern window treatments is very easy and our team will consult you if any questions regarding our production might arise. Our blinds are made from the best fabrics which are friendly to people with allergies. We also have designer vertical blinds suitable and perfectly tailored and designed to fit anywhere and everywhere. Nearly not enough product providers can offer such a wide array of qualitative and well-tailored and made window coverings. The designs are hand-picked by experts in accordance with the latest trends and market research thus meaning that we are going to have the freshest and trendiest looks all of the time. You can easily find what is best for you without having to carry the burden of travelling across town to a store and making plans etc. Everything you see online is available with only a few clicks so nothing is compromised to disrupt the process of finding, choosing and buying.

Turn your house into a gallery with designer window treatments that are not available anywhere else. Since the place where you live is the most sacred out of all places, choose only the best blinds for home. Maybe you have a different approach? Maybe you’re looking for the best solutions with regards to office window coverings? Whatever the case may be, Decoshaker will provide the most stunning, aesthetic and well-made photo vertical blinds for office spaces and more. Those homeowners who are looking for a more relaxed and smooth collection of blinds are definitely meeting an abundance of designs picked just right to match their tastes and preferences. People are leaning towards stagnation and discomfort too often, just because they are afraid of changes… We say a big NO to that and encourage our customers to change the look of their interior because with only minor tweaks and small changes like different vertical blinds can bring a whole lot to the table, including better moods, productivity and etc.


You can see the high-quality pictures of each and every design on our website. Compose, select the measurements online and we will deliver the product to your home. If you have questions about some of our products or related topics, feel free to contact us. We are always glad to help! Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals is always on their toes in order to listen to and better understand the needs of clients and buyers. Feedbacks about materials, designs, quality of the product and other related issues and topics are always more than welcome so let’s keep in touch by improving the quality and sustaining the positive reactions in the long run!

We are always in touch with our client and we always listen to what they want from Decoshaker. Whether it’s a contemporary artwork from Jackson’s Pollock’s collection or roller blinds visualizing the blackout when the moon blocks the sun, you name it – we got it! If you have certain images that you wish to transfer onto a set of vertical blinds – contact our team and we will find a solution together.

Visiting an art gallery can become a thing of the past after you change your regular window coverings into designer blinds. Homeowners sometimes feel fear to express their creativity because they do not know the values of individualism and expression. Psychologically and on the subconscious, self-selected interior designs will greatly add to productivity and happiness because preferred colours, patterns and textures create positive emotions while enforced designs are not empowered with such traits.

If you are looking for custom coverings, Decoshaker is the Number 1 place to look for roller blinds and vertical blinds online. We are constantly in touch with our customers, to get the latest and most accurate feedback on the current state of our products. Decoshaker’s service is always ready to help out or answer any of your questions that might occur.

Choose different, choose vertical blinds for windows from Decoshaker! Contact us for more information.

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