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Roller blinds
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Office roller blinds

New York skyline New York skyline

New York skyline
35.99 EUR/ m2

Thread II Thread II

Thread II
35.99 EUR/ m2

Peonies Bouquet Peonies Bouquet

Peonies Bouquet
35.99 EUR/ m2

Clouds & Peeks Clouds & Peeks

Clouds & Peeks
35.99 EUR/ m2

Green Pinnate Leaves Green Pinnate Leaves

Green Pinnate Leaves
35.99 EUR/ m2

Grunge femme Grunge femme

Grunge femme
35.99 EUR/ m2

Emerald flowers Emerald flowers

Emerald flowers
35.99 EUR/ m2

Pink Jungle Pink Jungle

Pink Jungle
35.99 EUR/ m2

Purple triangles Purple triangles

Purple triangles
35.99 EUR/ m2

Gray lines stroke Gray lines stroke

Gray lines stroke
35.99 EUR/ m2

Barcode Barcode

35.99 EUR/ m2

Violet manor carpet Violet manor carpet

Violet manor carpet
35.99 EUR/ m2

Cantus Arcticus - Concerto for Birds I Cantus Arcticus - Concerto for Birds I

Cantus Arcticus - Concerto for Birds I
35.99 EUR/ m2

Oval manor carpet Oval manor carpet

Oval manor carpet
35.99 EUR/ m2

Retro dark Retro dark

Retro dark
35.99 EUR/ m2

Green leafs Green leafs

Green leafs
35.99 EUR/ m2

Orange & white tapes Orange & white tapes

Orange & white tapes
35.99 EUR/ m2

Mosaic Mosaic

35.99 EUR/ m2

Ship Ship

35.99 EUR/ m2

Blue microchip Blue microchip

Blue microchip
35.99 EUR/ m2

Green microchip Green microchip

Green microchip
35.99 EUR/ m2

Outdoor fun Outdoor fun

Outdoor fun
35.99 EUR/ m2

Exotic handshake Exotic handshake

Exotic handshake
35.99 EUR/ m2

Small shells Small shells

Small shells
35.99 EUR/ m2

Retro butterfly Retro butterfly

Retro butterfly
35.99 EUR/ m2

Mirada azul I Mirada azul I

Mirada azul I
35.99 EUR/ m2

Flamenco I Flamenco I

Flamenco I
35.99 EUR/ m2

Blue mountains Blue mountains

Blue mountains
35.99 EUR/ m2

Badminton game Badminton game

Badminton game
35.99 EUR/ m2

Summer mandala Summer mandala

Summer mandala
35.99 EUR/ m2

Badminton racket Badminton racket

Badminton racket
35.99 EUR/ m2

Office roller blinds

Your office is a sacred place of work. It’s where all great ideas come along and where pen meets the paper so it has to emit a positive vibe and the room must allow for creative processes to flow free and keep distractions to a minimum. We think that a perfect addition to strengthen these factors is a set of office roller blinds. If you have an issue in your personal office space or are looking for a solution for the whole office, consider window roller blinds for offices. Just by visiting our online webpage –, you can find a lot of various types of roller blinds, like office door roller blinds and roller blinds for office windows specifically, so whatever you’re in the market for – we’ve got it!


The price is always on your side, so you can provide abstract roller blinds for office spaces with ease. They have the benefits of blocking out distractions, preventing sun rays from hurting your eyes and harmonizing the climate inside the office. Choosing office roller blinds is a no-brainer. You can browse our extensive sets of roller blinds, contact our team of professionals for advice and with any other related matters – we’re always glad to help! At great prices, decoshaker can offer you an exquisite collection ofoffice roller blinds right here – online, so you won’t have to step a foot outside of your office. Window roller blinds for offices is the obvious way to go if you’re seeking productivity, improved working conditions and happiness or if you’re looking at colorful or even black and white roller blinds for the office.


Let’s speculate that you are a responsible owner and wish to improve productivity in your company. This is one aspect of the situation when picking the colours for the décor comes to play. If you are confident in the choices you made and/or got good advice from co-workers, colleagues and/or business associates, then you should opt with that decision and pick patterned or vintage designs, whatever the case may be.
However, do not try to chase dreams with office designs as it is a place of work rather than sleep and choices made out of pure impulse could backfire. Inspect the data online, conduct a survey between the employees and see what would they want and need to boost up productivity. Maybe one person constantly is distracted by the gazing sun which constantly disrupts his PM hours or quite possibly someone cannot stop looking outside the window. These and a lot more issues can be fixed with a simple addition of office roller blinds. Home offices can also possess professional qualities of a real office where a lot of people work, so maximum productivity is enabled.


Endless possibilities to customize and adjustments – this is what Decoshaker is all about. When you want proper and high-quality modern window treatments for your office and have a significant amount of ideas, the next step is to turn those ideas into real designs in the world. That is easy to do with our design and adjustment tool which allows you to scale, crop and select sizes for the printed office roller blinds you want to purchase. Only a few clicks are what separates you between true freedom in creativity and total satisfaction in designing. Even if you are not oriented towards visual fidelity and never seemed to enjoy these sort of things, the costs (which are visible) will surely brighten your day.

Choose your favorite office roller blinds online from Decoshaker!

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